Asking Sally RMX by Kaneda

You can hear a new breakbeat remix from the track, Space Hymen, by the rockband Asking Sally. Thanks to them ! Everything on Asking Sally Myspace.

Ernest Shackleton Big Band Orchestra blog

Ernest Shackleton Big Band Orchestra has its own blog. I hate blogs too. But... Most people contact me about this project. Does this mean that Kaneda's tracks are shit and ESBBO's wonderful ? I hope not. Well, whatever you think :-), I have to communicate more about it.

The ideal tool is a blog. I want to add news about it and some sounds whenever I want. For example, I'm going on holidays the next saturday (18/09) and I think I'll record lots of atmospheres. I can share them with the blog. I have perhaps something to say, some cool jokes, cool stories to tell on the blog. Perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps...

Kaneda on MySpace

Yes... Kaneda has a MySpace... In fact, I hate MySpace. But I was really bored and tired that everyone (and really everyone) told me : "WHAT !!!??? You don't have a MySpace" when I give them my email instead of a MySpace adress so... I don't want to be fashion. I just want to have friends. ;-)

Nirvana un-official remix

Yes. I made it. This is un-official. I couldn't do it but I couldn't RESIST so ... Please don't try to make money with that. It's just for fun. You can download it in the Hear section or using this direct link.

Kaneda on Arte Radio Rodoid.org Compilation

You can found one track from me on Arteradio remixed / Rod001 compilation. It's great ! And it's here !

Arte Radio Live Download is released

I had the pleasure to produce some tracks and a concert last year for Arte Radio. I waited a long time before releasing them on the web. For a lack fo time, questions of rights... And that's it. You can find them in the Hear section or using this direct link to dogmazic.net website.

Ernest Shackleton Big Band Orchestra - Rest in Ice

After one year of hard reflexion, questions about life, ice, icecreams, penguins and normal little problems, I thought it was time to produce something new. In fact, Rest in Ice is the result of several recordings made around the world. I don't remember where. I select the best sounds, cut them into pieces and work with my favorite software "Live".

A month ago, I found some people died next to my door, perhaps some fans waiting for the next issue of ESBBO. Well, rest in peace... Rest in Ice can be downloaded in the Hear section or using this direct link to dogmazic.net website.

Ernest Shackleton all over the world

Great news about the Ernest Shackleton Big Band Orchestra. Feargus Cooney, the great traveller, asked me for using some of the project's tracks in his videos about his Round The World Ticket travel. It's OK and I want to thank Feargus for his proposition. You can hear some of the tracks in episodes 4, 7 and 10 that you can download at this website. Enjoy !

Kaneda is back...

Well, sorry for the long, very long, silence. I had lots of work and some personal problems to solve until I could make new music. Everything is better now and you can download new tracks. I'm working on new projects. More to come soon...

G8/2007 : last day of the old world...

Lots of organisations hope that the forthcoming G8 summit in Germany in August 2007 would be the last. It's time to demonstrate that we want another world based on solidarity, not only on profits. I plan to go there for protesting, video and perhaps concerts to support the militants. If you want to participate, please consult these websites : Camp06.org and Indymedia.

What's your Kaneda ?

The basic idea of the future demo is to open the creation to every one. I plan to work only with sounds given by other people not those I could create. What's your opinion about the future demo ? What do you want to include ? You don't need to be an artist, a sound designer to participate.

Just send me some sounds from your life, your voice, your music, everything you want... Tell me a few things about you, your location. Add a picture and I'll be very grateful. This work will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License. Everyone who participates will be cited on the webpage where all tracks could be downloaded.